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History of Kona Hawaii Guest House

In the Hawaiian land district or Ahupua of La'a lao. In the Hawaiian language, la'a loa means "very sacred." Take the Road to heaven (Ainanani) to the Kona Hawaii Guest House. A Hawaiian God's (LONO) Daughter is said, to make a local breeze of wind here when there is no wind elsewhere in Kona. The house was built right along the Old Kona Coffee Train Route, next to horse and cow herd pasture land, by a grandmother of 4 in 1981. It is also near the path of the Night Marchers, the ghost spirits of the ancient warriors of Hawaii who march on certain nights of the year to sacred locations like battlefields. This quiet local community makes for a home away from home. The Grandmother sold it to a well known pair of dentists in the early 1990's, a married couple, who champion philanthropy in Kona. They sold it to John in 2002. John has been studying tropical edible plants and trying to get them to grow at the house ever since.

An interesting thing about the property is the large lava tubes in the area, and the dreams people have here. Guests and local residents have dreams about the royal procession that walked down Paulina to Ainanani on their way to the Heiau. These dreams happened before anyone had shared anything about their dreams with each other. The Local Hawaiians talk about Mana or the power of the ancient Hawaiian people, and their beliefs of living in harmony with nature. Which to them also means stewardship and protection of nature for the people and the Aina (the Sacred). A priestess of Pele (the goddess of the Volcano) has blessed the Land and shared the history of the area. We have created a micro ecosystem to support life in the area. More than 57 truck loads of coffee and green mulch have been added to make an uncommon black soil here. The wild tropical edible habitat supports tropical birds, butterflys, dragonflys, peasants, turkeys, chickens, piggies, lizards, geckos and guests too. The Kona Hawaii Guest House takes being Green to the next level as we recycle everything we can (all regular plus toxic, metal, batteries, and more), and we take back or recycle greenwaste, coffee, paint, wood and other materials from off site. We even use sun light to heat the pool, and the house water. We reclaim water from the rain too. The butterflys and dragon flys spawn at our place.

John makes teas and drinks from the healing plants here, cooks cookies in the sun, makes herb baths, gives Hawaiian massages with the Hawaiian healing plants here, stews in the solar oven, grows 4-9 varieties of bananas, cherries, passion fruit, spinach, herbs, papayas, composts, worm composts, and more in this micro environment. Though this is the dry land forest region, John does his best to help the land.

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