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Specials & Packages

Why Packages?

  • They enable your trip to go the extra mile, your host is able to go out of his way to make your trip more memorable.

Like how?

  • Some of what we have given: Dolphin excursion, Sailing excursion, Daysailing trip, Week of theater passes, Theater passes, Event tickets, Concert tickets, Food event tickets, Flower 🌸 Lei, Cooking, Massage, Yoga class, Food passes,
  • Spa treatments; shoulder, acne, facelift, shoulder massage
  • Special event exclusive invite
  • Exclusive invite
  • Farm tour
  • Extra free day Comp
  • Extra person Comp

Some restrictions and benefits apply to all packages.  

Ultimate advantage

13 hours for $1,950.00

Remove the blocks and barriers holding you back. Do you have barriers slowing you down from past injuries?
Muscle shorting after 30? Circulation setbacks?
Past injuries compound barriers with stagnation.
In-depth analysis from several systematic approaches. Preparing for enhancing and the zone Exceeding your goals!
Peak performance and beyond.

Who cares? Gold medalist winners have done the program and beyond for the whole tour to enhance their game prep performance and post-performance recovery.
Top full contact undefeated fighters used to look down on the work until lesser men stepped up their game and took them out! Discovering this they adapted and started the base program to stay in the game. Some of the lesser men committed more to the program and had the opportunity to compete for prizes worth150k-1500k range. Need a manager, sponsors, superior coach and the program that level and beyond?

Game up intensive

$1,950.00 + $1,500.00 = $3,450.00 Train the trainer and team add $2,400.00 Best to have 2-3 therapists available to travel with you

Why this program?

Johns first teacher was the coach of the USA gold medal team Cahil Grandmaster/ Chinese medicine college 3fold Director of SIL Look, Yau Moon, Derrick Lee, as seen in San Francisco China town and Kung Fu magazine.
Headteachers of zen shiatsu Bill Teeter Lac. Top Esselin trainer and deep tissue specialist John Lynn wind medical massage.

VIP Package

We also have VIP certificates and packages that give you the beach package, perk from theater passes to concert tickets, tours and more based on availability. With Multi - Spa services. Treatments of LED for facelift, acne, a younger look, sound table, and electromagnetic therapy like the Beamer / Irms

Vip Red Carpet

We have VIP certificates and packages.
VIP with the works massage treatment for two.

Deluxe VIP body makeover

Body makeover includes up to 21 hours of modalities therapies and hands-on therapies. Total of 21 hours each person depends on the needs and issues of the guests and the approach chosen by the principal therapist. Some treatments may exceed the norm and a total of 21 hours is the min base not necessarily the total offered. This package also includes the deluxe VIP package benefits For a value of $640-$890 a day depending on the offers availability, guests preference, and therapist recommendation.

Hawaii Chocolate Factory Package

  • Stay 7 days and get a ticket to the local Hawaii Chocolate factory, which is within walking distance to the guest house

Fruit Upgrade

  • Get a delicious package of fruit delivered to your room for only $20

Breakfast Upgrade

  • We will provide everything you need to cook your own breakfast, including all locally grown produce, eggs, bread, and homemade jams and jellies, and our rooms have every kitchen supply you can need. Cook breakfast outdoors for a Hawaiian experience you won't soon forget. Available for $40

Romance Package

  • Onsite couples massage and spa treatments
  • Romantic red sheets
  • Tropical fruit and mineral water
  • $360 value

Healing Package
October 5-6, all day
Drum making, gathering, healing, love, life, and peace for two days

  • Drum circle evening
  • Hot pool soak
  • Couple massage
  • 7-day stay

Yoga Retreat in Hawaii
Jump in the volcano and nurture your inner goddess!

  • 1-day yoga retreat

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